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Release: Configuration Module

posted 2015-07-09 by Ryan Thompson

The Configuration module has been out for a while - but it's time to take a closer look at the silent utility module.

Release: Navigation Module

posted 2015-05-25 by Ryan Thompson

The new Navigation module goes alpha! Now more powerful than ever.

Release: Posts Module

posted 2015-05-23 by Ryan Thompson

We are happy to announce the alpha release of the new Posts module!

Release: Pages Module

posted 2015-05-17 by Ryan Thompson

It has been a long time coming to this point. While the core Streams Platform has been ready for some time, the Pages module marks the first of the three biggest modules to be released before the Beta release.

Release: Dashboard Module

posted 2015-03-23 by Ryan Thompson

The first official addon release for PyroCMS v3, the Dashboard module! A portable API letting you add dashboards to your modules without breaking a sweat.

Field Type Frenzy: Release Summary

posted 2015-02-17 by Ryan Thompson

A few days ago - the time came to lock in ALL the field types that come packaged in core. So I hunkered down and went on a frenzy of development to button up the core field types. I thought it would be a good time to give you all a small introduction to them and what they do!

PyroCMS 3.0: Proving Grounds

posted 2015-02-04 by Ryan Thompson

It has been a little while since I last updated you all regarding the Alpha1 release and forward progress. Here is a brief look at a recent project that stood as proving grounds for the new PyroCMS and Streams Platform.

Pre-Order PyroCMS 3

posted 2015-01-05 by Ryan Thompson

With our first public release just around the corner PyroCMS is going on a huge presale! Get it early and get every first party addon released in 2015 for free!

PyroCMS 3.0 Closed Alpha

posted 2014-11-28 by Ryan Thompson

We are pleased to announce the closed Alpha release of the Streams Platform / PyroCMS!

Lexicon Template Engine Beta Unleashed!

posted 2014-10-10 by Osvaldo Brignoni

We've been working hard on the new Lexicon template engine and we are happy to announce that the beta version has been released. You can try it out with the development version of Laravel 5.

Reinventing Streams

posted 2014-08-15 by Ryan Thompson

To accomplish our goals we focused on the core "idea" of streams and disregard it's existing API entirely. Which means.. We deleted absolutely everything.

PyroCMS v2.3-beta1 is here!

posted 2014-07-02 by Ryan Thompson

After over a year, 2500+ commits and countless long nights PyroCMS v2.3 goes beta! Rewritten Streams core, Eloquent database layer, Laravel's caching class and much more included.

Important: PyroCMS 2.2.5 Security Release

posted 2014-06-08 by Phil Sturgeon

PyroCMS - for now - is built on top of CodeIgniter, so we inherit their strengths and their weaknesses. Yesterday a vulnerability was reported in CodeIgniter, which can effect some of our users. Please read on to see if you are safe from this vulnerability, or to learn how to secure your site if you are not.

Important: PyroCMS 2.2.4 Security Release

posted 2014-05-02 by Phil Sturgeon

2.2.4 has been released which contains a few security fixes. As such we strongly advise all users to upgrade as soon as possibe. While no cases have been reported, this upgrade is being suggested as a precaution. 

Are you using a Content Delivery Network?

posted 2014-04-17 by Phil Sturgeon

PyroCMS has a wide array of features that can be enabled and configured to increase the performance of your application. One such feature is the "CDN Domain" setting. However, in our experience, not many people use it. The acronym "CDN" stands for Content Delivery Network, and there are a few to chose from in the market. Simply put, a CDN is a network of servers that host static files such as CSS, JavaScript, images and videos all over the world. 

PyroCMS 2.3 Alpha Release

posted 2013-12-21 by Ryan Thompson

2013 has been a year of hard late nights but very rewarding work for the PyroCMS team. Ever since we [announced our plans]( a year ago for 2.3 to start leveraging Laravel 4 and general Composer components we have been coding our collective backsides off to make it a reality. We can all certainly agree that 2.3.0 has taken longer than expected thus far (thank you all for your patience), but it has been without a doubt the biggest improvement to the CMS we have ever had.

Departure From Pyro

posted 2013-08-30 by Adam Fairholm

Today I'd like to let everyone know that I'm not longer working on PyroCMS as a core team member. It was a difficult decision, but ultimately I'm no longer able to devote the time and energy that the project deserves going forward.

My contribution to the project has been streams, which started out as a standalone module in 2010 and was gradually added to the community core over time as streams core and the streams API. It's now one of the underlying components of Pyro that powers things like page types and user data.

v2.2.2 has been released

posted 2013-08-07 by Jerel Unruh

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of PyroCMS v2.2.2 to fix a number of bugs that existed in the v2.2.1 version.

Release of v2.2.1

posted 2013-04-25 by Jerel Unruh

We have released another version of PyroCMS: v2.2.1. This release brings a good number of bug fixes and even a couple small features.

PyroCMS v2.2.0: your favorite CMS steps it up a notch

posted 2013-03-07 by Jerel Unruh

We are thrilled to announce the release of PyroCMS v2.2.0! We as the core team and the community have been working on this release for a number of months and it is exciting to release it into the wild. While v2.2.0 has all of the old familiar features that you depend on it brings a few game changers: page types with custom fields, custom blog fields, comments that close after a set period of time, file tags or keywords, and many more.

Progress with Eloquent, and Laravel

posted 2013-02-28 by Phil Sturgeon

Now that we're all back from LaraCon in Washington DC last weekend, now seems like a great time to talk about how things are going on the conversion to Laravel We tried to make it pretty clear that we would not be using any of Laravel in 2.2.0 (which is now at RC2 and approaching final in the next week or so), nor would 2.3.0 be a good time for a re-write if we want to get you new features any time soon. Still, people have been asking a lot about when the "Laravel version" of PyroCMS is going to be out. It's great to see so many people excited about the switch (we knew you would be), but it is going to take some time.

Download Release Candidate 2 today!

posted 2013-02-23 by Jerel Unruh

We are extremely pleased to announce that PyroCMS v2.2.0 has reached RC2. We have fixed a lot of bugs in the last several weeks and we are nearing the final release. You can help us out now but downloading and trying it out for yourself, then reporting any glitches that you might find. We are running RC2 on some production sites ourselves.

Surrounded by super-heros

posted 2013-02-09 by Phil Sturgeon

We've always been very lucky in the PyroCMS community to have a large collection of smart developers, willing to contribute bug fixes, new features, translations and anything else that the people using the system think will hep people out. This has been going on for years, but in the last month we've really seen this kicked up a gear with multiple developers stepping forward to make really awesome changes.

PyroCMS 2.2.0-beta2: Blog++

posted 2013-02-01 by Adam Fairholm

Last night we tagged PyroCMS 2.2 beta, and we're doing something a little unorthodox for a 2nd beta release - we're adding a new feature. It's one that we have told users would be in 2.2, and when it wasn't ready for the initial beta, we decided to sneak it in: custom blog fields.

This change comes with an important syntax update that users should be aware of when upgrading to 2.2 - the blog views now use the Lex tags. This is an important change for a few reasons.

What You Need to Know About Developing for PyroCMS 2.2

posted 2013-01-06 by Adam Fairholm

If you are a developer, we've got some fun things in PyroCMS 2.2, which is officially in beta today. There are a lot of little things, but here's a handy guide of the main things you need to know about developing with 2.2.

Grab a copy of 2.2.0-beta1 now!

posted 2013-01-06 by Phil Sturgeon

It's happening. v2.2.0 has been one of our trickiest released to date, but its ready for everyone to play in its first beta release. We have some aweosme new features, like Search (for anything), the new Grid Field Type, Page Types and a selection of spam-comabting measures.

Introduction to PyroBackup

posted 2012-12-20 by Phil Sturgeon

James Norman is the developer of a PyroCMS module called PyroBackup, which is available from the Add-on Store. He's been using PyroCMS for personal and freelance projects since version 0.9 and his current efforts are spent building machine learning algorithms with Laravel. He has put together an article about why he build PyroBackup, how it works and why he's a PyroCMS fan in general.

A Preview of PyroCMS Page Types

posted 2012-12-04 by Adam Fairholm

For the upcoming 2.2 release of PyroCMS, we've been working on integrating Streams into the pages fields. We went through several revisions of how that should actually work, and we're really happy with where the feature has ended up. The idea behind streams is that a single data system gives a CMS more power to manage and structure content, and page types is a major step towards making that happen in PyroCMS.

Foundations for our Future

posted 2012-11-28 by Phil Sturgeon

The team here have been meaning to get more active with blogging about what is happening behind the scenes and there is no time like the present. 
I am constantly amazed by the number of people using, blogging about, launching with, and contributing to PyroCMS. Compared to a year ago we're a much bigger community and this can be seen through so many metrics. We're the Most Watched PHP CMS on GitHub, we've had hundreds of contributions and PyroCMS just got translated into Chinese Simplified - it's 22nd language!

10 PyroStreams Features You May Not Know About

posted 2012-11-28 by Adam Fairholm

I had a PyroCMS user remark to me the other day that there were a lot of Streams docs to get through, so he tended to forget some of the features while creating sites. That's true - there's a lot of functionality in streams so it may be difficult to find exactly what you're looking for when you need it. So, here are a few features that you may have missed in the docs that could come in handy on your next project.

Welcome to Our New Docs

posted 2012-10-04 by Adam Fairholm

We're really excited about the direction that PyroCMS is going and what we're working on for 2.2 and beyond. However, there's one thing that we really needed going forward to support our development efforts: great docs.


So, I'm very happy to announce that today we're unveiling our new, reorganized and revamped documentation for PyroCMS 2.1! You can check them out here.

The Return of PayPal

posted 2012-08-28 by Phil Sturgeon

Since we launched the store 2 years ago PyroCMS has been selling add-ons using PayPal. Using PayPal can be a problematic experience for many reasons - especially on a technical side - but there were problems for the users too. For example, PayPal does not offer a service to many countries in the middle-east, such as Iran and Egypt. 

PyroCMS v2.1.3 has been released!

posted 2012-08-10 by Jerel Unruh

We are pleased to announce the release of PyroCMS v2.1.3! We've had a very busy summer so far and it's been a few weeks since we released v2.1.2. A number of bugs were reported and we've been busy fixing those up along with working on v2.2.0-dev.

Along with working on the core of PyroCMS we have also been spending a good deal of time working on the other necessary bits: our hosted version, the store, support, and other business related tasks. We've greatly appreciated the pull requests that came in from you as community members!

Security Update: 2.0.4 and 2.1.2

posted 2012-06-04 by Phil Sturgeon

A recent potential XSS issue was discovered in the 2.0 and 2.1 branches and while it is not high-rish we have a full disclosure policy for this sort of thing. The issue could potentially only inject some HTML or JavaScript if you were logged in as an admin and clicked a malicious link to your own site via an email or another website. This is pretty tough to actually pull off and we have no evidence to suggest that anybody has had any problems from this - and itself has not been effected. Besides this XSS issue 2.0.4 and v2.1.2 also have a few other small bug fixes, so in all it's a good idea to upgrade.

Desktop Lovers

posted 2012-05-03 by iKreativ

We all love a good desktop image, what better than an awesome PyroCMS one?