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We're hiring!

posted 2012-03-27 by Phil Sturgeon

Update: Position Filled!

PyroCMS is a great project to work on, but it's not all fun and games. We're all working hard to get new versions complete, bugs squashed, demo's improved, addons built and all that jazz, but while we are doing that there are always questions to be answered, people who need help and documentation to be improved. So far we are a team of 4, but that is not enough.

HappyNinjas Ltd - the company behind PyroCMS - need a part-time support member of staff, with views to expand to a full-time role as we go.


Job Title: Support Ninja
Hours: 18 hours a week
Location: Living in the UK is required, but can work from home.

Job Description

You will work primarily as customer support staff member who will help customers with pre-sales questions, installation problems, general usage questions and help them find information in the documentation.


While being a "hard-core developer" is not required you will need to understand enough about PHP to be able to help with basic technical questions. You will be able to escalate serious technical questions to the development team, but of course the better you are with PHP the more autonomous you can be.

On a daily basis while working for PyroCMS you will need to:

  • Help users and potential customers with questions via Live Chat
  • Answer support requests on the forums and using
  • Improve documentation


We will pay what we think is a very reasonable amount for a part-time support staff role and will discus it with applicants.

The Company

HappyNinjas is a great company to work for as we don't force you into an office, you can work from the park, the pub or wherever the hell you like. We are growing all the time and there will be a potential chance to go full-time in the future.

Please only apply if you have at least some experience with PyroCMS, a sense of humor is a requirement, and you need to be good at talking to people on the phone. Good English (written and spoken) is very important and patience is the most important quality of all.

Apply via E-mail


Chris Joe


UK resident only? damn the luck, lol



Living in the UK !!

Is it must ?



I would like to apply for the FanBoy position please?

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